Judith Luther Wilder (aka Judy Walker / Judy Emery / Judith Luther/ Louisa Walker / Cindy Wilson and various Chinese people who use a ghost writer)
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was born a Digby Girl and in spite of short jaunts to faraway places such as Botswana, New Zealand, Spain, Australia, Mexico, France, Vietnam, Italy, Austria, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Tibet, India, Ladakh, Tahiti and longer explorations in Los Angeles, Phnom Penh, Arizona, Hawaii, China, Bali and Here and There, she is still a Digby Girl.

She has worked as a writer, a producer of very large festivals, the CEO of various women’s organizations, the superintendent of a municipal department of cultural affairs, a recreation director, a fund raiser, an NGO coordinator, a hotel maid and a cocktail waitress. She has written books that have been read by at least fifty people, presented performance artists in strange and exotic settings and co-founded several nonprofit organizations that probably did (and do) more good than harm. She worked in China for almost fifteen years and considers the time not entirely wasted.

By the standards of most people, she has lived large although she’s never been able to save more than $200 at one time. For a person who is frequently sad, she’s enjoyed a lot of laughs and still believes in the kindness of strangers and friends others consider exceedingly strange.

She has been married several times, always to interesting and flawed men, and has two grown sons she loves and admires. Neither has probably ever read her blog, books or poetry, although one of her four grandchildren did read the blog she wrote when Lou Reed died. She has met and sometimes worked with people who were almost famous and a few like Akira Kurosawa, Jared Diamond, and Peter Sellars who actually are/were. Almost. Famous.

She estimates that she’s spent at least 40% of her life reading and now reads in her house perilously perched on the edge of a cliff. She doesn’t believe this is a metaphor for her life but is open to second and third opinions.


7 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi Judith,
    I got your name from Jerry Yoshitomi when he led a recent workshop for the Atlantic Presenters Association in Nova Scotia. I’d like to get in touch.

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